The Doctor is in…

January 2, 2009

Meredith will be visiting today from Westcester. We share the state of New York, and both understand that life in the city of New York differs greatly from that of the rest of the state. While Westcester is by no means as rural and politically regressed as Stuyvesant, Dobbs Ferry offers the kind of suburban, overpriced life that is difficult to find in the city.

Regardless, we both get bored quite easily when we are home. We had been texting for several days on and off, and she has been really helpful in getting my mind off of my failed personal life and Christmas. Yesterday, I half-jokingly/half-seriously asked her if she wanted to come further upstate and visit after she told me she was likely going to have a Doctor Who marathon today. I was thrilled when she texted back, saying “really? you know i’d do it in a second”. And that is where we are now.

Doctor Who is an interesting thing. I had never heard of the show until this past summer when I was in Stratford-upon-Avon (pictures below), moving Matt into his new flat so he could attend the Shakespeare Institute. With Matt having an obvious obsession with Shakespeare and I one with theatre, we knew we absolutely must get tickets to see each Royal Shakespeare Company show that came to Stratford. And, surprisingly, we managed it quite well. Taming of the Shrew was the first in a production that made some very interesting choices, not all of which were successful. The third (and last) was Merchant of Venice, an all-around failure of a performance.

It was the second production I saw that was the most exciting. Without knowing what it meant, I was told that David Tenant was in the RSC’s Hamlet as the title character. Because of this, the entire Stratford run of the production had been sold out well in advance. Never mind the fact that Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Picard of Star Trek: TNG fame) was also in the production as Claudius and Old Hamlet. But it was this David Tenant which caused such a stir. Matt waited outside the Courtyard Theatre (the only theatre currently in operation in Stratford of three) beginning at 5AM or earlier to get student rush tickets for the event. The vendors did not open until 9 or 10AM, leaving a long boring wait in the touchy morning weather of the English countryside. We did receive tickets, luckily, but only just.

More to come soon on Tenant’s performance and Doctor Who…


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