Spending money is fun…

January 4, 2009

I was in quite a bad mood for the past month or so, a long time to have such awful feelings. I am generally very positive and upbeat (some say sassy, as well), but those feelings were replaced by more sinister ones that seemed to suck out the fun of living each day to its potential. Depressed and confused, I relied heavily on my friends to bring me back to my usual self. It was certainly only a temporary fix, but it managed to stave off those emotions for streches of time. And I really appreciated that.

Surprisingly enough, I managed to spend very little money over this past holiday season. Even more surprisingly, I tend to favor excess when I am upset, overindulging in food and expensive purchases to make myself a little bit happier (which works well, showing my easy vanity and child-like forgetfulness). Previous purchases have included:


Black bob dylan-esque ankle boots


2 pairs of motorcyle boots in black & brown


iPod Touch

Yet I did not spend much this past month. Noticing this and realizing that two of my closest friends would be leaving New York this semester for study abroad in London, I decided a visit was in order. It was a bit impulsive, but this is my last semester with these girls, Jess and Meredith, and I would like to make it wonderful despite our geographical difference. Additionally, a friend and I were contemplating a trip to the UK and France during spring break anyway, so it was not entirely out of the blue. What was out of the blue, however, was my need to see them early in the semester and maintain that bond with them. So I booked my little trip one month earlier than spring break to bring a little cheer to my February. Using the new love of my life, Student Universe, I booked my flight for $460+/- roundtrip. And I am flying with British Airways no less, saving me having to deal with the tiresome inefficiency of Air India. I will be spending 10 whole days in England (Feb 16-25) to see my wonderful friends and celebrate both mine and Jess’ birthdays. I am quite excited.

I expect to spend about 5 days with the girls In London (or as many as their residence hall will allow) and the remaining days in Stratford-upon-Avon with the cause of my now-past grief, Matt. The semester has yet to begin, but it sure will be interesting with classes interspersed with flights to and from America. Plus, I am looking into the dates of my actual spring break and exploring the option of booking a flight or cruise to the Caribbean or Bahamas with my close-close friend, Ilona. Here are some photos I took from two trips past to London in October 2007:


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