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January 5, 2009

As a result of a metabolically successful holiday season (meaning that, in spite of my constant sampling of tasty Christmas treats, I have managed to look and feel better about my body), I have had fashion on my mind quite a lot. Purchasing new clothing and accessories seems a brilliant way to complement my Christmas haul and complete my wardrobe to fit my current needs. And it sure is fun to shop! Due to the messy meteorological conditions of the past few weeks, I managed to miss many of the large sales offered in the shops. I did make my usual trip to the local Salvation Army to search the racks for any bargains I could find without any success. It never hurts to search though.

As such, I have been scouring various websites to find out upcoming trends and items that are particularly suited to my style and body type. While I have yet to physically seek out any of these and try them on, I thought it would be useful to organize what my ideal collection would look like. With this complete, I will have a more efficient search when I actually go shopping. So this entry will focus on the items I am looking into.

Here is some music to accompany the rest of the article: Edith Piaf, Padam Padam

I generally prefer my clothing to have a formal touch to it, closely resembling business casual. As such, I am in love with the revival of the traditional style that occurred this past season. I suspect it was a result of the geek-chic movement that grew out of Williamsburg hipster fashions. Thick tweeds, strict formality, unnecessary eyewear, and a tighter fitting pant all contribute to this lovely style that blends modern and classic lines.

I love this look

I love this look.

The skinny, less formal, fit of these pants is offset by the higher position on the waist, giving a more proportional shape to the model and a more professional appearance to the denim pant. The look is finished with a simple white button-down that visually lengthens the torso (which is shortened slightly by the high-rise of the pant) and a well-groomed haircut.

Burberry for Spring

Burberry for Spring

I cannot deny the fact that I love Burberry. From their plaid-topped briefs to their magnificent outerwear, I love this brand. Their 2009 spring collection confirms this. With a color palette that suggests the cold of winter with accents of the forthcoming spring and a cut that emphasizes those same attributes (layering for the cold with drooping, light fabrics of warmer weather), the photo above epitomizes a great collection. The light, truncated trench is lovely, and the black carrier bag is an oversized accessory to provide real weight to the look. The fairly neutral colors maintain formality inspite of the cut of the shirt and the scarf.

Gucci for Spring

Gucci for Spring

This look by Gucci for their spring collection of 2009 is fantastic and really youthful. Maintaining classic lines with the multi-buttoned cardigan and tapering black pant allows the design to explore color and pattern. With a paisley shirt, the designer was able to bring in a neutralizing and smart baby blue cardigan that still adds a punch (neutralizing because it tames the pattern-lined shirt underneath). This also allowed for well-chosen accents, including the leather carrier, decorated black shoes, and a somewhat chunky bracelet. I would most likely never wear the bracelet or the patterned shoes, but I do love this look overall. It is professional, but fun.


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