Resolutions for 2009?…

January 6, 2009

If there is one thing I can rely upon in 2009, it is my favorite television shows. Jennifer Saunders, who plays the infamous reckless mother Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous, sums up my personal thoughts this new year in a great series 3 episode. She says to her daughter, Saffron, “My New Year’s resolution, sweetie…to have more fun”. See the hilarious episode here.

And I mean it. I have never been the best advocate for new year’s resolutions, commonly breaking them within the month. However, I always have one, and this year’s resolution will be just what Edina says: I will have more fun. The reason this year’s will work is because it is vague and easy to achieve. I do not have to work at it regularly, but can let it come naturally. If any particular moment I am having a wonderful time, check fun off the list because I am having it. This is the brilliance of this pact I am making. I cannot let myself down or break this resolution.

Sound too easy and too vague? Well, it probably is. For just that reason, I have several components to the fun I hope to achieve, which outline the term fun for me. These items are more tangible and able to be accomplished. I really can check these off a list. For all the people who ask, “What are your resolutions for 2009?”, I present these listed items as my defense and the keys to a wonderful year.

cocktail1. Drink more. Never more so than this past holiday have I felt as though I had limited my social circle. I need to expand my social prospects. I need to go out on Friday and Saturday nights instead of going home after work or watching movies in the dorm. Seeing new places and new people is good for a busy schedule, which has been shown to increase happiness and lead to a longer life. I am not too worried about longevity at 20 years old, but it is a good thought nonetheless to keep a busy social life. And when I say drinking I really mean going out and meeting new people. Liquor is certainly part of that plan because I will likely loosen my seemingly strict requirements of friendship and downright orthodox requirements of relationships if I down a few cocktails. If nothing else, I meet up with my current and closest friends and enjoy a new bar or lounge.

veggies2. Go for fresh veggies and fruit. The benefits of this are hard to ignore. I am not overweight nor even close to being so. I have been concerned of late, though, with the future state of my skin, heart, and metabolism. Spending time with my parents the past few weeks has reminded me of the silly way nature works. My mom, for example, eats terrifically healthy and is in peak athletic condition at 53, and yet she is taking a medication for high cholesterol and watching her blood pressure. My dad is already on cholesterol and blood pressure medications, while also being watched as a pre-diabetic candidate. Needless to say, I am slightly worried that, while I may be healthy now, nature may have its own providence. Eating bad foods may exacerbate a genetic predisposition, though no physical manifestations of their harm show on me currently. So, I propose taking the salad option more frequently and asking for fresh vegetables and fruits. I lack a kitchen in my apartment, but I can still eat healthy when I dine out. Besides my heart, I can improve my skin and get in better shape (with some exercise).

stairs3. Take the stairs. I live on the 12th floor in my building. But my schedule is rather free this semester, and I have the time. Why not take the stairs? With the amount of times of I go to and from my apartment each day, I could likely burn off in excess of 200 calories a day. Add a little pace to the climb and that number could double. Plus, it saves me from making awkward small talk in the elevator. But even more so, I want take the stairs to mean really put an effort into being more fit. I have class at 11AM, leaving me a greater part of the morning to go to the gym (while the weather is cold) or run (when it warms up outside). A little cardio here, some weight training there (preferably when the gym-rats are in class), and I will be a brand new person physically. The extra benefit beyond the visual is all mental: exercise has been shown to improve mood and attitude. People are happier when they exercise regularly.

Helen Mirren4. Sleep with Helen Mirren. Actually, no…Get into a new television series. If you need an anonymous something on a rainy day or want to end a busy one on a great note, a great televsion show can truly provide all that you need: intrigue, romance, suspense, etc. I love nothing more than to watch a favorite episode or two before bed each night. It helps me relax, allowing me to forget my homeowrk assignments and busy schedule, and prepare for bed. And rather than rewatching oft-seen episodes of my usual shows (Are you being served?, Ab Fab, Arrested Development, Coupling, House of Eliott, Frasier, etc), I would like to find something new, where I do not already know what happens. My preferences for shows usually involve mysteries, period pieces, and comedies. These are generally british in origin, but I have been known to watch several American shows regularly. These are the new shows I propose to try out. Prime Suspect– Helen Mirren’s detective drama. I have seen one series of Prime Suspect, but never Netflixed anything more despite enjoying it immensely. In addition, it deals largely with gender relations in the male-dominated field of police work, which suit my academic dexterinterests as well. Dexter– The Showtime/CBS hit that has found its way all over the internet. I do not know much about the show other than the fact that the title character investigates serial homicides and kills the ones guilty of the murders…sort of a serial killer of serial killers. Friends have recommended it, and I love the ads. Let us hope the show lives up to its reputation. Rome and John Adams– These two HBO series were extremely successful, one in popularity the other in critical praise, and I think they would fulfill my need for period pieces. I have begun the Rome series, which I did enjoy, but did not get any further into it than disc 1. John Adams does not intrigue me as much mainly because I dislike American history portrayals. But with Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney, both of whom are fantastic in everything they do, I have to give it a chance. 30 Rock– I came across this while babysitting one night in October. While I was not entirely impressed by the much-priased comedy, I must admit that my focus was diverted much of the night. So I will give it the chance it deserves. If nothing else, it will get me away from so many depressing dramas about murder and corruption.

travel5. Travel more frequently. When reading about the process of making resolutions for the new year, I found that most articles advised against making extravagant purchases on an individual item, such as a piece of jewelry or expensive pair of jeans. Rather, they suggest that a purchase leading to an experience is a more worthwhile way to spend your money. Memories last longer than denim, and people have longer lasting positive associations with these experiences. Extravagant purchases without experience tend to lead to buyer’s remorse. Therefore, I propose to travel more and spend what money I have on experiences. I have already started checking off this item with my upcoming trip to London impending. And I will now state my committment to going on a trip for spring break (and am very interested in exploring the Aztec sites in Mexico if I can convince Ilona to do it with me). But small trips are useful too. Perhaps a ski trip upstate with Ali in January would be wise.

Trip to Boston6. Make time for friends even if it is hard. This past semester was terribly difficult, both academically and emotionally. And every week, each and every day, my friends helped to rid myself of the stress that seemed to be bringing me down. So this is my chance to repay them by spending time with them, perhaps giving them the support they need. Regular lunches with Cathryn, getting weekly coffees with Riah, seeing movies with Carolyn: I can do these things, and I want to do these things. Why sit in my room and mope because I do not have anything to do when there are people perfectly willing to hang out and have fun. So even if I get caught up with school work, regular work, or extracurriculars, I am determined to stay in close contact with these people. Afterall, I may see very few of them after the school year ends.


7. Be more positive. I made this resolution while I was in high school, and each year I try to revive my pledge to do it. From that first year I proposed it, I have found it working. I have been so much more happy these past five years (though perhaps not as happy as the Governator looks here) and continuing that would be excellent, especially following such a depressed holiday season. So I vow to be more positive, smile more, and to not reflect so much (or so negatively) on things that happen to me. This is the main key to 2009’s success.


2 Responses to “Resolutions for 2009?…”

  1. sandysays1 said

    I like your resolutions – they’re detailed and well thought out. I’m asking my human to visit your site. Gosh, his NYRs were one liners. Visit me at See the last two posts and get a laugh or two from his resolutions.

  2. […] 28, 2009 With 2009 ending and that year’s resolutions successfully achieved, I am to offer some fresh ideas on how to approach 2010. But, by god, […]

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