Robert meets daytime television…

January 7, 2009

Being home for a greater part of the last month has been a necessary change from the paradoxical loneliness of city life. Despite seeing far fewer people each day and having limited regular communication with friends, I find that I am more content socially when I am home. I think less about people. And it is very refreshing to not have school work and friendships to worry about when I am home, allowing me to relax and be content with doing nothing other than reading a book all day.

Sitting in front of the television set provides a similar relaxation. And I have found the television particularly helpful this winter recess. Being upstate for more than 3 days has allowed me to really explore the range of channels that the new digital cable system provides. For instance, I have found BBC America and have since been glued to it at all hours, watching everything from Dr. Who to Gordon Ramsay. In its own way, it is as though I am preparing for life in the U.K., doing cultural studies homework for the place I will be living shortly. And I am getting straight A’s in this education.

Here is what my daily routine seems to be (it is usually on hour increments thanks to the television schedule):

1. Get up at 9AM, if possible. Normally, it is usually 10AM by the time I take off the covers and roll out of bed.

2. Watch Regis & Kelly if I am up by 9AM. If not, switch over to NBC’s “Today” show at 10AM and watch Hoda and Kathy Lee dish on anything that comes to their minds. I usually check my email, make myself breakfast, a heat some water for tea during this period.

3. At 11AM, change to ABC to watch the ladies of “The View”. Whoopi, Joy, Elisabeth, and Sherri (with the occasional appearance by Barbara) and their hot topics precede and guide my later reading of the top stories on BBC News online. Going online to read news stories normally occurs during the interview portion of the show, which I am less concerned about.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

4. At 12PM, go to BBC America and watch “You Are What You Eat”, a hilarious show about changing the eating habits of overweight brits. I think it is the reason I want to start eating fresh fruits and veggies, so no short british women will come to my house, throw out my food, and inspect my…digestive habits.

How Clean Is Your House?

How Clean Is Your House?

5. At 1PM, stay on BBC America to watch “How Clean Is Your House?”, which is self-explanatory, I trust. But, damn: these people are so dirty. How do they live like this? That is why I love the blonde one: she is sassy and tells them off in a love-ing way.

6. At 2PM, a series of episodes of “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” begins. Basically, (in)famous chef Gordon Ramsay goes to a struggling restaurant and attempts to resolve their problems by coaching them and screaming explitives in their faces. It appears to be successful, though perhaps not lasting. Who knows what happens to these places once the cameras are turned off? Nonetheless, it sure makes for good drama.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

This schedule brings me up to dinner time, after which all plans are thrown out the window. There is always a Law and Order marathon on one station or another, but sometimes my interests move to the History channel or HGTV. Each night is different. Until around 11PM when I watch movies, eat massive amounts of food, and blog until 4AM before going to sleep and repeating the whole cycle again…except on weekends.

Such is life upstate.


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