Barbara Walters on the The View…

January 9, 2009

I stayed up very late last night (god knows why), yet I decided that I should get up bright and early to watch a little  daytime television before I was in transit all afternoon. So with less than 5 hours of shut eye, I woke at 10AM to begin my normal routine. I found myself ignoring Hoda and Kathy Lee, prefering instead to read my email and surf the web. But I paid full attention to today’s episode of The View, which featured an interview with Tom Cruise.

The women of The View with Barack Obama

The women of The View with Barack Obama

Whenever big celebrities or political figures visit the couches of The View, Barbara Walters is sure to make an appearance. Being lured in by the prospect of a harmless interview with four women, guests are often surprised to find Barabara sitting in ready to strike with the really hard-hitting questions that earned her the massive salary that I am sure ABC provides her. With Tom Cruise as guest, one can only assume the many questions that Barbara could spring on the couch-hopping scientologist.

But for all of the ripe fodder that Barbara could have drawn upon, she chose to instead toe the line with the other women. Even Joy and Whoopi, both of whom can usually be relied upon to make an inappropriate yet biting joke, were apparently struck by the figure of Cruise, whose slow, incoherent talking drove this viewer insane. They discussed the critically reviled Valkyrie, saying it was wonderful. They talked about the Golden Globes and how Katie Holmes would leave her All My Sons‘ closing night party to meet Tom in California. They mentioned Suri Cruise, perhaps the cutest celebrity child, and her already famous fashions. But no scientology, no theories on depression, and no mention of Nicole Kidman. WTF?

The real story for me became Barbara herself.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters

Sure, she has a flair for dressing well and dressing hersef younger. But never have I seen Barbara looking so very old. Her sentences were a jumble of incomprehensible thoughts. Her face, despite the work that has CLEARLY been done on it, seemed older than before: over-pulled, shiny skin with two thick smudges of mascara denoting where her eyes should be. I love the work she has done, and I do think she has changed the field of journalism in an entirely positive way, opening up a new range of opportunities for women. And I am glad that she created The View. But that does not mean she should maintain such a great role in the show’s production. She is a bit out of the loop when she sits in, and it really shows on air. Like Dick Clark and the “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”, it is time to throw in the towel. Stick to biannual or quarterly 20/20 specials, where you made your name. Avoid the talk-show circuit- you are too classy for it, Barbara.


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