Ann Coulter on The View this morning…

January 12, 2009

Damn, I love The View. Today’s episode really confirmed that for me. The guest was Ann Coulter (lovingly-termed Cunt-er on many internet sites). The already-infamous visit will no doubt be replayed over and over again on sites like YouTube, with many comments to follow, I am sure.

I came into the episode late. Despite having gone to bed relatively early to catch up on many lost hours, I did not arise until nearly 11:15AM. Had I known that the bull-headed Coulter would be a guest on Monday’s show, I would have been sure to wake on time with a prepared breakfast in front of the couch to watch the impending battle. Nonetheless, I woke up and turned on the television and was pleased to see Barbara staring back at me. As you know, whenever Barbara is on the show, a high profile guest is likely to visiting the set. And I was excited to learn from her introduction that the prolific Coulter was about to enter.

Ann Coulter's appearance at NYU

Ann Coulter's appearance at NYU

I saw Ann Coulter as recently as last month when she spoke at NYU. Since I work within the building where her speech took place, I was able to see the entire event from a lofty position in the empty back balcony. After a lengthy introduction by the (I-cannot-believe-they-exist-at-NYU) College Republicans, Ms. Coulter appeared before the large audience hall, half-filled by those wishing to protest her entire presence on campus. I would probably count myself among that crowd. Yet, I must admit, she was more-or-less a delight to listen to. Her political humor is impeccible, and she appears very knowledgeable. When she went off script, she stumbled a bit, but always recovered well. And she is lovely to boot. If only her voice were more conifdent and less like fingernails on a chalkboard…at a decreased speed (to explain the deep register). The thing is, though, she did not say anything. Too many one-liners and an unclear/unfocused topic make her less of a political pundit and more of a political satirist. My conclusion from her visit to NYU: she is an entertainer and not a very bad one. [Here is a snippet of her NYU performance and a review less kind than my own.]

That was at NYU. I know that the national spotlight provides less of a stage, where one can explain themselves and have redeeming qualities, than a storefront, forcing one to sell aphorisms and live with labels. So my prior conception of Coulter was reliant upon her storefront persona: the rude, politically incorrect conservative, who said that global warming was useful because she could have a tan longer. With no television contract or movies in the works, Coulter relies on her book sales and appearances to keep the money rolling in. And, boy, does she knows how to sell books: the bigger the controversy, the bigger her checking account. Critiquing 9-11 widows, pledging to fight for Hillary Clinton if McCain wins the primary for the Republicans, etc have all worked in the past for the wealthy Coulter.

Now what? Well, with a new book called Guilty, she thought she would stir up the daytime television pot with an appearance on the widely seen show The View. Take a look at the results.

I love how each View panelist brought a card full of questions they had for Ms. Coulter. I think they may have formally addressed one of those questions. Two if they were extremely lucky.

But who won? Let us add up the totals…

  • +1 Sherri putting Ann in her place to defend Barbara
  • -1 Barbara caving into Ann and reading it like Winnie the Pooh
  • +1 Ann using studies to support her argument
  • +1 The View ladies for not letting Ann finish her thoughts
  • -1 Ann criticizing single moms, +.5 for excluding Whoopi
  • +1 Joy refused to take Coulter’s shit

With 3 points to Ann’s 1.5 points, the ladies of The View win this interview/battle. But I think both win: The View in ratings; Ms. Coulter in book sales.


5 Responses to “Ann Coulter on The View this morning…”

  1. I wish my job was to say outrageous things for money.

  2. ras521 said

    me too. i could come up with some good ones.

  3. Ugh… I couldn’t disagree more. Ann definitely won the battle today. Those spoiled little liberals (yes, even blessed Barbara Walters) wouldn’t know real truth if it slapped them square in the forehead. Disagree? I figured you would… who cares? You’re probably just looking for an excuse to get an audience like the girls on The View anyway…

  4. ras521 said

    clearly, i’m looking to have an audience with anyone. i am willing to listen to anyone’s opinion. you, conservative mama, don’t seem to agree with that viewpoint. i might have stopped you at “I couldn’t disagree more”, using “Disagree? I figured you would… who cares?” (as you said to me). but i’m not quite as close-minded as that. as you’ll see, i left your comment up.

    maybe i’m just a “spoiled little [liberal]” who likes to have as many comments as i can get.

    p.s.- elizabeth hasselbeck dislikes ann coulter. if you couldn’t tell from today’s episode, there was a previous episode where she explains. look it up.

  5. coffee said

    whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays

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