Russia vs. the West: Round 2…

June 9, 2009

With a worldwide economic recession, fears of terrorism & violence, and a dangerous revival of 90’s fashions, one would assume that Russia could hold off on making any strategic moves to take over the world….at least for a few years. The USSR fell less than 20 years ago, and an agenda to reestablish many of their policies and ideals is already reemerging, creating worries for the west.

Russias Gazprom

Russia's Gazprom

An article from BBC News, [A MUST READ] which sounds as though it was pulled from a Cold War newspaper, details the newest attempts made by the Russian energy company, Gazprom, to destabilize any control European countries may have had over their energy independence.

In what sounds like a pointed threat to the west, the deputy chairman of Gazprom said, “Only three countries can be suppliers of pipeline gas in the long-term – Russia, Iran and Qatar. So there is no other choice than to deal with these suppliers. […] Europe should decide how to handle this situation… and if Europe doesn’t need our gas, then we will find a way of selling it differently.”

What a horribly undiplomatic and unprofessional thing to say. While most likely correct, the entirely rude manner this man uses reflects very poorly on the country that potentially (in all likelihood) controls Gazprom. Suddenly, heating one’s home becomes a politically contentious issue. If you cannot be friends/allies with this, that, or the other, you cannot heat your home.

How appealing it would be to simply turn to Qatar for energy, which now seems the only country on friendly terms with the west. Or even more appealing to tell the whole group to bugger off and BE energy independent. But that cannot be the case, sadly. Instead, Europe is at least 25% in Russia’s possession, with 7 nations entirely dependent upon it. And this is expected to increase: by 2020, Russia expects to provide 33% of Europe’s energy.

If we needed yet another reason to spend more for research into alternative energies, there it is. Energy is power.


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