Preparing for the triathlon…

June 11, 2009

This is one of those (regretful)  instances when my competitiveness got the better of me. Katharine was describing her performance in last year’s upstate triathlon a few months back. With four months of training on her side, she did quite well in her overall rating with running being an area she really excelled in. As a consummate braggart, I declared how easily I could slay her rating and the triathlon course. And now, here we are: it is three months later, and nearly at a time to register for the triathlon. And going back on my claim to kick her time to the curb would seem weak on my part, and I cannot concede that. Damn.

Where does that put me? Well, I’ve been attempting to exercise a bit more and eat healthier.

West Side Highway Biking/Walking Paths

West Side Highway Biking/Walking Paths

The former was easy enough to accomplish considering my complete lack of exercise before I began this “training period”. I have gotten into a fairly regular pattern of exercise now after two weeks. Usually, I try to run as often as possible (trying to reach about 15 miles per week) with a little bit of swimming mixed in for flavor. Utilizing both East River Park’s and the West Side Highway’s biking/walking paths, I’ve been able to attempt a 3 mile run twice a week and a longer 5-6 mile run once a week. That may sound very tame (and it is!), but it gives me a large amount of recovery time in between and room to grow. My endurance is certainly not what it used to be, so I am working to get that a little better. The swimming helps that a lot, I think.  Though I do find swimming at the gym terribly awkward. The biking has been ignored thus far, and I do not expect that I will get much biking in before the triathlon other than on the gym’s awful machines. I have yet to attempt any real gym workouts (aka weight room exercises). I am a little too scrawny and feel silly using a machine that a much more dedicated gym rat may find more useful.  But I think today may be the day to try it.

The brand that I rely upon, Green Giant

The brand that I rely upon, Green Giant

The latter item, the food one, I knew would pose the greatest challenge for me. Without a doubt, I am under the psychological spell of food. I need a snack before bed. I need to eat certain foods while watching a movie. I have to eat foods to know I am full even if my stomach is already filled to capacity. It’s unhealthy, but has always worked for me so far. BUT there is hope! Considering I love vegetables so very much, I try to cook as much as I can. Throwing in a little plain ole’ chicken to my veggie mix adds the protein I need to “bulk” up. And fruits, now somewhat neglected, are saved for my dessert (and may or may not have a dollop of pudding or yogurt on them). It has been incredibly successful in keeping me satisfied, and I would guess that it is also very healthy. Most importantly, I have been guzzling water and tea, as many people have suggested. It is said that one should drink [their weight / 12] 8 oz glasses of water. I doubt that this number is scientific, but I am willing to try it.

2 months left! Overall, I am not sure what kind of results to expect and when to expect them in terms of my actual fitness level.  But I have hope…and that hope is that I will devastate my sister in this contest!

Any recommendations?


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