Two opinions on Susan Boyle…

June 11, 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

What an exponential climb to celebrity Susan Boyle has made, becoming yet another facet of pop culture that will consistently be associated with 2009 and oh-remember-when moments of our histories. From relative obscurity, this Scottish singer appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and all over internet connections becoming an overnight sensation about the globe. Further, with an unconventional look, a story to tug at the heartstrings, and a little dramatic flair for exhaustion,  she followed the Britney-laid path: before her 15 minutes were up, she was already in the mental health hospital. Poor gal. I imagine that life under the world’s microscope could be overwhelming.

Ms. Boyle did sign herself up for the contest, though, and that is where my trouble with the whole situation begins. She did place herself in this situation no matter how improbable the resulting fame seemed at the time.  That makes things very difficult. Can we blame anyone for the endearing train wreck that her life in the spotlight has become? The media has blown it out of proportion, for sure, but such was she discovered.

What is our obsession with this woman? I am quite sure that I cannot point out the reason of her success. Can you?

I do not mean to imply that she lacks talent. She is really quite good: few nerves, decent breath support, and a vibrato many Broadway belters would be jealous of. I enjoy listening to her more each time I play one of her videos, and it is one of those inexplicable things that the reason for it eludes me.

And yet, I think I know why. As the judges have said, it is the juxtaposition of the voice and the package. It should not matter. And it does. Why does the dissonance between the two enthrall so much? It is not a beauty issue AT ALL. I think it is more about the whole idea of her, the entire package: older woman, no job, charitable, seems to have a little crazy in her, and possesses a gorgeous and previously undiscovered voice. That is what is amazing about her.

For the other side of things (said more plainly and more hilariously than my own words), here is a funny vid from Current TV. He is right: who will remember the real winners of the show in a year?

Personally, I am waiting for the “LEAVE SUSAN ALONE” video a la Chris Crocker. I hope she gets well and using that lovely voice before that needs to happen!

Leave Susan Alone!

Leave Susan Alone!


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