Men’s spring collections to adore in 2010….

December 23, 2009

It’s no secret that I am quite the conservative dresser. Robert = classic pieces with a taste of the modern. I practically live in beige, brown, black, grey and white and spice it up with a little color sometimes. My shoes are practical, which means, to me, they are black or brown, ridiculously uncomfortable and gorgeous. Short on bling, tall on man-bags: I prefer simplicity. I imagine that the minimal collection I have reflects my business-casual, adult-seeming professional personality. [Imagine is key in that sentence.]

That said, I adore so many of the ridiculous men’s collections on offer this year. This season, more so than others, tends to be absolutely ripe with wild patterns and outrageously cropped shorts. And, surprisingly, I accept this year’s staples more than the previous. Save the conservatism for fall’s 10 hours of daylight and break out the freak this summer, I say. [NOTE: These collections are from New York Fashion Week. Milan, being so very fantastic, has far too many amazing pieces to mention…aka Bottega Veneta = LOVE!]

Who did it best? My top three are below in no order. Click to enlarge the photos if you are so inclined or enamored.

Thom Browne has a most fantastic collection this spring, replicating and Americanizing a look patented by Burberry. Browne, whose modus operandi is the alteration classic men’s pieces, maintains a vintage thread throughout with modern details affixed. Pieces vary from very classic with cropped legs and windbreakers a la 1994 to transparent banana pants and man-mini-skirts. But it is gorgeously executed, accessories to footwear. Check out these look below:

The perfect combo of modern texture and a classic cut.

The briefcase is now a necessity.

Minus mask, a perfect beach-side look for the Cape.

French-cuff pants: my favorite piece in the collection.

Michael Bastian‘s collection is one of the sexiest on offer this season. It fits into that understated, subtle hotness category. The George Clooney of 2010 menswear: it’s classic and office acceptable, but suitably suave and attractive for an unexpected beach side dinner and makeout session. Whereas Thom Browne’s male mini-skirts were somewhat cringe-worthy, the feminine aspects of Michael Bastian’s are a welcome intrusion in men’s fashion. Loafers that border on ballet-flat territory, lots of leg and long skirt action, gypsy-esque belt/cumber bun, it all works for me. It’s all adds to the effortless quality that I adore in these looks. The best looks are many, but favorites include:

Sexy- an easy piece to put together for a summer spent outdoors.

A masculine look softened by the V-zipper and fem ascot.

The dark, weighty top with all that color and leg is surely a winner.

Monochromatic: simple, sexy and an easy combo

It feels so Mediterranean pirate to me.

Incredibly sexy: the perfect masculine/feminine combo. Just look at those shoes!

Robert Geller has produced the most pret-a-porter collection this spring that further develops what is actually being carried around on the backs of the east village crowd. It adds more color than the previous two designers mentioned above. And, to be honest, this coloring and the many layered pieces used give an evening feel to it all, a nocturnal sensuality if you will. It is just so wearable and honest! Here we go:

I would kill for those pants. The color. The cut. The texture.

It seems a little Bavaria, but I am willing to accept it.

Pastels do it better.

If there is a collection to make me reconsider my hatred of the impending leggings trend for men, this is it.

Honorable Mentions: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone

Disappointments: Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders, Lacoste, Spurr


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