Travels in San Francisco…

December 26, 2009

Months ago, I promised myself that I would dedicate myself once again to this blog. And to reignite my interest, I would begin with a lovely little photo post of my trip to San Francisco from May 2009. Sadly, I am desperately unattached to all things, and the blog fell victim. But something about “better late than never” comes to mind, and now I present this trip to you.

The back story:

Katie and I had discussed a possible trip for a few months by the time May rolled around. Originally, we were all about Paris. But, as things often do, the plans became shit. We both had to arrange to miss work and ensure that our final examinations would be complete. I had to know exactly when my parents were coming for what was then my forthcoming graduation ceremony. I also had a bout with shingles in the weeks before we were planning to travel (yes, the old man version of chicken pox. yes, they gave me herpes medication because that’s how you treat it.). That forced me to nix the idea of a 6 hour flight to Paris. Too painful. So, yes, the plan went to hell quite quickly.

About 3 days before we inevitably left, we booked our San Francisco flight and hotel. And, god, was it ever cheap. $400 bought Katie and I 4 days and 3 nights in the lovely and clean Holiday Inn (Civic Center), as well as the entire cost of our round-trip direct flight from JFK (though it was through the woeful Delta brand). It was such a fantastic journey. While the flight itself was comparable in air time as going to Paris, I had never flown the Rockies, which was definitely rewarding. And with the MTA in New York and the BART system in San Francisco, travel to and from the airport was a cake walk. While in town we walked the entire city, which is quite an accomplishment with each and every hill we mounted.

Sticking out in my mind especially are: amazingly pleasant weather, a boat trip to Alcatraz, lawn bowling in Golden Gate Park, lounging by the hotel pool, shopping in Union Square, & general merriment associated with wine and Katie’s company.

Enjoy the photographs (a la Katie).


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