An awful update in New Jersey…

January 7, 2010

This appears to be the day of unfortunate updates to previous entries. This one accompanies a previous entry I made, called Gay marriage in Latin America (& Springsteen).

Excuse the outright expletive, but WHAT THE FUCK, NEW JERSEY. Not you too.

CNN reports that gay marriage legislation has been defeated by the NJ Senate in a (hardly close) 14-20 vote. Advocates for same-sex marriage in the state had hoped to pass the bill prior to current Governor Corzine’s exit from office. He will be succeeded by an asshole Republican who has voiced his opposition and refusal to introduce or sign any bill that would approve gay marriage. In essence, he is a douche intent on denying equal civil rights to all NJ citizens.

I do not understand my own country anymore. Not only has New York voted down our marriage equality bill, but New Jersey too. And did you hear about Rhode Island’s current (pile of shit) governor? Gov. Donald Carcieri vetoed funerary rights legislation, which would have:

“allowed same sex couples to claim their partner’s bodies at the mortuary and bury them.  He said he wouldn’t allow that to happen because it is part of a ‘disturbing trend of the incremental erosion’ of HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE.” – Justin Bond,

Grow up, America, and think. Does this hatred and cruelty represent the way you feel? Compassion for your fellow (wo)man surely permits you to empathize more than this man would lead me to believe. Who is so hateful that they would deny others the happiness they have and force the them to become (trite phrase approaching) second-class citizens? Read the scriptures, Bible-bound bastards: that is not the message of Jesus.

Marriage, like voting and the right to free speech, is not of personal concern to me on a day-to-day basis. But, like voting and the right to free speech, I would still like to know they are there. My option. My choice.

I feel so negative about this issue, slowly tip-toeing toward the viewpoint held by Justin Bond. He says we need to get extreme, call people out, and demand solidarity from (marriage-bound) friends. I will quote his whole posting on this because it is THAT IMPORTANT:

Last night I was on a flight from New York to San Francisco and I read a tweet  posted by my friend Julian Fleisher concerning the vote against Gay Marriage in the New York Senate which sent me on a rampage of Twitters that cause quite a stir.  I thought I would put them all in order on my blog.  Glenn Belvario compared me to Valerie Solanos -which I took as a great compliment.  I haven’t shot anyone yet and I hope I never will, but I would not be adverse to forming a new version of S.C.U.M. -The Society to Cut Up Marriage!

Here is Julain’s tweet which got it all started followed by my response.

@Julien Fleisher  Hope my straight friends in NY take this issue seriously. Consider not getting married until we all can. Watch how fast the law changes…

@mxjustinbond  I’ve been saying that for years, but straight people are selfish cunts or we’d have gay marriage already.

They say nice, supportive things because it makes them feel good and they think they’re being kind and then they step on your throat. They step on your throat on the way to the alter because although they “support you” they have to live in the “real world”. So have a drink.  Make cynical jokes. Sing some cheesey ass song for them at their wedding and then wait until they have a couple of  ”adorable” children and get swept up in their entitled mainstream paradigm and see how much time they have to give to you.

By then they’re resenting the fact that you just won’t let it go and be happy. You’re to negative! Why not just relax? Actually all this negative agita is affecting the children. We don’t think you should come around anymore.

“We’re not college age anymore, we don’t really believe in all that naive stuff. Just let it go.”

“Why worry about getting married, you’re single anyway? Gay relationships don’t last. Not like ours -we’ve been struggling through this for years on account of the children….”

Then a few years and many tearful phone calls later…

“Oh my God, gay friend. It didn’t work out! We’re divorcing!”

“I need my gay friends so much more than ever! You are so lucky you can’t get married!!!”

We have to start aggressively picking fights socially with every straight person we know to shame them into doing something about this.

If we’re to be subjected to the tyranny of the majority. We’ve got to make each and every one of them feel personally responsible for taking care of this problem as often as possible… bring it up OFTEN!!!

Boycott married homes. When invited out, inquire if married people will be there, then decline.

Ask people to please not introduce their partner as their husband or wife -it’s offensive. Better to say, ‘Is this your friend?” NEVER let the word marriage or any of it’s derivatives pass without reminding people how thoughtless it is to bring up such a callous, hurtful topic.

Any straight person who does not actively support gay marriage is our enemy.

Personally, I don’t believe in marriage, but if they do, they should be held accountable for my lack of one!

After we get all these people to do the right thing, then we do everyone involved a great big favor and move on to something more interesting.

The church has been our enemy from the get go. They’re siphoning money to pay for gay genocide in Uganda. They’ve been sponsoring hatred of gays, and the oppression women nonstop, ad nauseum, worldwide for millenia.  It’s the responsibility of decent members of these organizations take on their leaders and hold them accountable for their vicious acts or barbarity! Remind them of this.

Get decent loving straight people to back us up on this and everybody wins. Marriage doesn’t do anyone any favors. Get rid of it. But in order to get rid of it we’ve got get it first!!!  This is not about destroying the family. It’s about destroying archaic institutions used to maintain a vicious, cruel sadistic power structure designed to keep the queer trouble makers and critical thinkers who aren’t willing to be blind followers either disempowered or, better yet, dead.  SO until we actually have gay marriage, we’ll never be free of it.

People who don’t step up to the plate and take a stand are passive haters. I don’t want to have to feign compassion for one more person who tells me they feel awful about the way things are as they stand idly by. As if by saying they care it makes it true. FUCK THAT! Stand up to the bullies in your churches, on your streets, in your government or be honest with yourself that you actually only want to feel good about yourself while doing NOTHING to help.

From Now on “friends” can’t let “friends” hang on to the delusion that they are compassionate if they stand by and idly watch their henchmen run the show.

So the first thing single straight people can do is boycott marriage until everyone is free to marry.  And at the very least people who are already married should publicly “suspend” their marriages until further notice!!!!  AND BE SURE AND MAKE A POINT OF BEING LOUD ABOUT IT!

Think again, America. Twenty years from now, think what side you will have been on.


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